Editing Services

Structural Editing (the meat and bones)

Also known as a substantive/developmental edit.


This is a big picture edit, and often used for early drafts of a manuscript. I will be looking at the content, as a whole, to ensure clarity and pace. I will be looking at the issues with overall structure, flow, and thematic elements; making note of gaps in the information or storyline, and suggest changes to improve continuity, logic, and presentation.

Stylistic Editing (precision and details)

This edit focuses on smoothing out the language: removing wordiness, jargon, and awkward phrasing; as well as to ensure it matches with intended audience. This is where nuance of character development, and story arcs are fine tuned. Stylistic editing looks at tone, genre, mood, style, and author voice. And last but not least this is where I look at flow with regards to sentence and paragraph structure.


This edit often overlaps with a structural edit.

Query/Synopsis Editing (snag that agent)

Writing a query is hard. This is where you sell your author voice while not writing in your author voice. I help to fine tune your query letter to fit the recommended parameters, and include the tiny details to help it stand out.

Synopsis writing involves telling your whole story in just a few pages, and keeping the reader hooked through the entire thing. I help to find the elements of the story (characters, plot, story arc) that are going to grab the agent/publisher.