I am asked so many questions as an editor. Here I will answer the most common ones, in hoped that I can help your with you own editing quandary.

1. Do I need an editor?

If you're looking to indie publish, I highly recommend you hire an editor. Publishing houses have teams, and when you indie publish, you are your own team. An editor can alleviate one stress, but will also be an experienced second set of eyes to catch those niggling sentence fragments, or a lost plot line.

If you're thinking of querying a traditional publisher, you can still benefit from an editor. Many houses don't have the time to dedicate multiple rounds of editing, so making it as strong as it can be will increase your chances of your piece sticking out to a trad publisher. I also offer editing services for query letters to agents and publishers.

2. If I have critique partners and/or beta readers; do I still need an editor?

I always recommend you have as many folks as you can read your work. Critique partners and beta-readers bring a unique perspective to your manuscript (MS). They can be part of your early revision stages, and can refine your piece before it gets to an editor. It means your editor can focus on the details. I still recommend an editor as they have a professional skill set that they have finely honed. (See, sometimes adverbs just add that needed oomph!) 

3. What types of writing do you edit?

I edit fiction and creative non-fiction: Science-Fiction & Fantasy (my favourite), mystery/horror, comedic fiction (if you can combine mystery and comedy, I am definitely the editor for you), contemporary and literary fiction, romance, and memoir.

I edit all lengths of work: short story, novella, novels, series', and query letters.


4. What types of editing are there?

There are quite a few that vary from developmental editing (big picture) to proofreading. Check out what types of editing services I provide.

5. How do you calculate your price?

I have a standard base fee per word for each type of editing. This fee changes based on level of editing needed, and at which stage of refinement the MS currently sits. Often a MS will require a combination of editing types as well.


6. What is the difference between and editor and a mentor? Which one do I need?

An editor focuses specifically on editing your MS to make it as strong a story as possible. a mentor helps with all aspects of writing: brainstorming, project management, support/cheerleading, an editing. Mentors help from start to finish, and all the stages in between depending on what you need.

7. I am on a budget. Can I afford an editor?


Yes. I repeat, yes. I will work with you to help you maximize your editing budget. Often we can narrow down a specific "thing" you are looking for. I can edit your piece, paying attention to a specific element you want to have worked on, to get make sure your MS is as ready as it can be.

8. Can you help me figure out what kind of editing I need?

Absolutely! If you are unsure of what type of editing you need, request a free quote. I usually request 10 pages of your manuscript, and often that can give me an idea of what types of editing your MS needs. If I am still unsure I will usually follow up with a few questions and/or a phone/video call to narrow down the scope of editing required.


9. What types of payment do you accept?

Currently I accept PayPal and INTERAC e-Transfer. Coming soon... credit card payments.