My Process

I want to help make your story the best it can possibly get. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to cut, how to eliminate awkward wording, or reduce wordiness. Maybe you aren’t sure if: your characters are believable, the story line has good pacing, or the if the story structure has a proper flow. My job is to refine your manuscript while maintaining your unique author voice.

So what is my editing process, from start to finish?

After you complete the free quote form, I will take your information and...

Step 1

   I will ask for any extra details and asking for a writing sample from your manuscript (MS).

Step 2


    I review the sample, and develop an estimated cost* based on the type of edit(s) needed for the whole MS. I will send you a Letter of Understanding (LoU), which discusses the fee, timeline of edit, responsibilities, and more. There may be a phone/video chat to go over any details.

Step 3

    If you agree with the conditions of the LoU, then you can send it back with your agreement, a 25% deposit of the total estimated cost (payable via PayPal, or e-transfer), and a copy of the manuscript document.

Step 4

    Once I have received the deposit and document, I will begin work on the MS as per the LoU agreement.

Step 5

    When the edit is done, I will send you two versions of the document. One with the track changes showing, and one with the changes accepted. Unless requested in a different format, I send them as pdf to avoid accidental changes while you read them. With the documents, I will send an invoice for the balance of the editing fee (payable via PayPal, or e-transfer).

Step 6

    As part of your editing contract, I offer a post-edit phone/video call to answer any questions you may have. (Based on the length & depth of the edit, and this is stated in the LoU.) I always provide receipts for both deposit and fee balance once paid.

*I base the estimated cost on the word count, and reading of the manuscript. Any changes made between the sending the estimate and receiving the document may cause a change in the fee.